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About Us

Chiropractic 4 Kids and Families

We are the Grooviest Office on the Planet! Every visit to our office is an incredible experience; we will show you how to become liberated from subluxations—that’s chiro talk for spinal misalignments —and how to turn on your body’s amazing innate power!

Insurance Accepted and Payment Plans (for corrective care)
We accept some insurance plans.  You should check with your particular insurance company and see what your:  deductible, chiropractic benefits, co-payments are.

We also have discounted payment plans for individuals that are self pay or who have not met their deductibles.

Wellness Plans (post corrective care, and for wellness care)

We have wellness plans for an individual or a family.  This is based on the concept of being checked regularly (usually weekly) for a flat monthly fee and not a per-visit fee.  There is a minimal set up fee of $37 and there is a year commitment.