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This is Dr. Bill Lawler

Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Lawler, most people call me Dr. Bill, and I’m excited to have you in our office! If you were referred by a friend or checked out our website, you know we are passionate about helping babies, children, and families to be as happy and healthy as possible. Here are a few other things you may want to know about me and our office.

We Love Kids In Our Office

We hope as soon as you enter our office you and your children feel at home. We have an open room setup so you know just how long your wait is and your kids can play while other family members get adjusted. Snacks? We are always stocked. Toys? You bet! And don’t forget a sticker on your way out! We love the people that we serve and feel honored to be a part of so many amazing people’s lives.

Why I’m a Pediatric Chiropractor

Over 30 years ago, my sister invited me to attend a chiropractic workshop where she was working. I didn’t know anything about chiropractic, but was curious. The chiropractor had three patients there and did what I would have described as “something magical” to help:
– a baby with colic
– a two year old with ear infections
– a 9 year old with previous digestive issues there for a ‘wellness care checkup’

I didn’t understand exactly what he was doing, but he was kind, gentle, and the kids loved it. He managed to help them without using drugs, syringes, or any kind of surgical intervention. It was natural and ‘hands on’ and I was hooked! Chiropractic became my passion and also my profession. I changed my undergraduate major, and before I knew it I was at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. – a baby with colic
– a two year old with ear infections
– a 9 year old with previous digestive issues there for a ‘wellness care checkup’

I’ve seen chiropractic work miracles.

I have witnessed and participated in so many miracles! They attest to the amazing powers of healing and recovery our own bodies have. A recent miracle involved a cute little 5 month old twin girl whose mouth was essentially paralyzed when she came into my office. She had not been able to breastfeed or suck from a bottle since birth and because she didn’t have normal muscle tone she wasn’t even able to hold up her head. She was fed through a gastric tube and had obvious health challenges.

After her very first gentle chiropractic adjustment she could hold her head up, started to smile evenly, and her mouth started to work. Within one month she was starting to suck and within four months she no longer needed her gastric tube because she could eat normally! Mom and Dad were amazed! They are heroes because they didn’t give up in trying to find a way to help their daughter and reached out to chiropractic. The beauty of the chiropractic adjustment is that it simply empowers the nervous system. Her body already knew what to, it just needed a little help.

The bottom line.

All healing comes from within! This is the chiropractic message of hope and love. The smartest doctor in the world is inside of each of us. This is particularly true of little babies and kiddos. Please come in and see if we can help. I promise that we will love your children and families and we will do our best to help awaken the magic of the intelligence within.

I’m excited and passionate about teaching parents what their health options are. I believe in patient education and that parents should make informed decisions regarding the wellness of their little ones. I love empowering them to know that their children can be healthy without drugs by tapping into the innate abilities within their own bodies. See you on the adjusting table!

Dr. Bill Lawler